10 Items You Should Be Keeping in Your Car


When it comes to accidents or car breakdowns, it always pays to be prepared. Having the items you may need in an emergency on hand at all times ensures you can get back on the road in a timelier manner. Here are 10 items you should be keeping in your car in case of emergency.

  1. Jumper Cables. If you or a fellow driver experiences a dead battery, having jumper cables ensures you get back up and running in a short time. You should keep these in your trunk.
  2. Hazard Triangles or Roadside Flares. If you do get in an accident, having flares or hazard triangles on hand will help set up a barrier and make other drivers aware to prevent further incident. These can also be kept in your trunk.
  3. Water/Light Snacks. If you end up stranded for a period of time, having water and snacks will make it easier to wait for help.
  4. Flashlight. If you get a flat at night, having a flashlight will be extremely beneficial. Make sure you have batteries as well and keep this somewhere convenient, like your glovebox.
  5. First Aid Kit. It’s a good idea to keep a first aid kit in every location you spend extended periods of time.
  6. Emergency Cash. Unexpected tolls or emergency gas stops will be no match for you. The glove box is a good place to store your loot.
  7. Fix -A-Flat. If you’re dealing with a leak and not a full on flat, this can help you out! Keep it in your trunk and save yourself the tow.
  8. Cell Phone Charger. If you don’t already have one, that is. Keep one in your glovebox!
  9. Camera and Notepad. If you get into an accident, you can take notes and document the scene. This will help protect you from fraud.
  10. A blanket. This one’s double duty. Now you’re prepared for impromptu picnics, as well as staying warm if you’re stranded in cold temperatures.

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