Monthly Archives: September 2015

How to Negotiate Rent…The Right Way

If you’re renting an apartment, condo or home that you love, news of a rent increase can be disheartening. But rather than paying more or moving out, you may have a third option: rent negotiation. It sounds intimidating, but with a little strategy, you just might win over your landlord. Here are some negotiating tips from Forbes and Zillow.

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10 Pesky Problems Home Buyers Overlook

You’ve searched long and hard for your dream home. It has everything you want – and you can envision your family there. Everything seems to be fine, but are there hidden problems?

We’ve compiled a list of commonly overlooked problems from U.S. News and Trulia to help guide your decision. Remember, finding underlying issues early could influence the seller to foot repairs and save you from problems down the road.

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