31 Great Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List!


Try an ice cream flavor you’ve never tried before
Make your own chalk
and create a sidewalk masterpiece
Go on a nature scavenger hunt
Have a bubble-blowing contest
Campout in the backyard

Make root beer floats
Host a water balloon fight
Make s’mores
Catch fireflies
in a jar – then release them before bed and watch the flurry of lights fly off into the night
Visit the local library and check out a book to read
Visit your local farmers market and make dinner with the items you find
Make paper boats and race them in the kiddie pool
Run through the sprinklers
Finger paint
a masterpiece for the fridge
Pick berries and make a healthy smoothie…or a pie. Definitely pie.
Get a pedicure
Visit the Zoo and play I-Spy
Build your own kite
and take it out to the park
Build a sandcastle
(find a sandbox if the beach isn’t near)
Go on a sunset bike ride
Build a fort out of card board boxes
Have a coloring party
Have an impromptu potluck BBQ in the backyard with neighbors
Feed the ducks
at the pond
Have a family dance party
Eat a summer peach any way you like
Play hopscotch
Make an Arnold Palmer and watch the sun set

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