4 Common Cooking Methods and How They Affect Your Health


We spend a lot of time making sure the ingredients in our meals are healthy and rich with vitamins and nutrients. However, the way we cook these ingredients is almost just as important because of the way these cooking methods break down vitamins and nutrients. Here’s a look at 4 common cooking methods and how they can affect your meals.

Boiling | This method is ideal for vegetables because it preserves nutrients and is a quick and easy way to cook. However, beware that the high heat and large volume of water could dissolve water-soluble nutrients.

Steaming | Steaming leads this pack of these 4 cooking methods by using the foods’ own juices to cook and hold most of their natural ingredients and nutrients. Steaming is ideal for fish, meat, and vegetables.

Grilling | Though many people assume grilling to be a healthy option because it doesn’t use a lot of added fats, the chemical reaction caused by the intense heat can create toxins that can cause inflammation in the body and nutrient imbalances. Grilling is best utilized in moderation.

Microwaving | There are differing views about the effect microwaving has on food. Short cooking times have been said to limit destruction of nutrients while other experts believe that microwaves completely remove nutritional value. It is safe to say that until further research reveals otherwise, microwaving in moderation is the best way to go.

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