4 Good Reasons to De-Clutter Your Work-space


Cluttered, messy workspaces can be a distraction. Getting your workspace organized and decluttered can greatly improve your productivity and help you to stay focused while you’re working. But it doesn’t end at productivity. Below are 4 reasons you should declutter your work zone.

  1. Kill Workspace Stress. Disorganization and messiness can cause extra stress throughout the work day. Having to do extra work to find necessary documents or information can add stress to your day, especially if you’re trying to meet deadlines.
  2. Security. Many businesses have instituted a clean desk policy, requiring employees to remove anything which contains confidential or sensitive information. Making sure any papers, business cards or flash drives are secured protects your clients, vendors and employees’ privacy.
  3. Clean Desks Encourage Cleanliness. Keeping a clean workspace encourages other employees to keep their spaces clean.
  4. Improve Your Reputation. When outside vendors or potential clients come into your workspace, organized and neat workspaces provide a more positive experience than cluttered or messy spaces. This includes bathrooms and break rooms.

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