4 Tips for Planning Your Vacation


As summer approaches, plans for family vacations have no doubt begun to form in your mind. If your family is pretty large or has members that require accommodation, planning your vacation can seem like a daunting task. Here are some tips we’ve compiled to help you plan a great family vacation this summer:

  1. Stay Organized. When you’re putting together a family vacation, it’s likely you have a lot of information to keep organized. Keeping everything in one place can really help you stay organized. Consider creating a vacation binder to keep track of all of the moving pieces.
  2. Cordon off Space for Packing. Make space where you can compile the belongings you’ll need to take, like passports and paperwork you may need. You can begin to pack away things you’ll need for the trip little by little, taking away from last minute stress.
  3. Make Lists. This means lists plural. Delegate lists to different family members so that everyone can contribute and carry their weight. If there are family members who need accommodations like walkers or wheelchairs, make sure their needs are outlined clearly on a list.
  4. Pack snacks. If you’re going on a trip, keeping everyone fed decreases the likelihood of crankiness. When you’re in confined places, cranky family members can drain the energy from the vacation. By staying hydrated and well nourished, you minimize the chances for a clash.

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