6 New Strange Businesses


Startups are incredibly common these days, and it may seem like anyone with a crazy idea and a small investment can get rich quick. Here are a few businesses that have turned an impressive profit and definitely fit the definition of “crazy”:Rent-a-Friend: It’s no big deal to rent a carpet cleaner or a birthday party clown; why not rent a friend to hang out with, or to show you around an unfamiliar town, or to go to a movie your real friends refuse to see? This is not a dating site, and friends are incredibly reasonable, starting at just ten dollars an hour.

The Anger Room: Feeling upset? So angry you want to smash something? Good news: there’s a place where you can let it all out with no consequences. But you have to live in Dallas, Texas. The Anger Room offers patrons a place where they can destroy all kinds of inanimate objects, from televisions to dishes to furniture. Choose a session, from “I need a break,” “lash out,” or “demolition,” depending on your budget and the amount of time you feel you need to go ballistic. Whatever you do at The Anger Room, you can be sure you won’t be assigned anger management classes as a result.

Reserve a Spot in Heaven: Some people get to heaven by being good; others just make a reservation. For just 15 bucks, you can purchase a guaranteed spot with the big guy, an official ID card, and a map to the stars. Why risk eternity? Secure your spot in the afterlife today.

Ship your Enemies Glitter: Do you have a resentment and too much time on your hands? This is the perfect site for you. Multiple websites have been in the news lately with ways for you to creatively infuriate somebody by sending things such as: a glitter bomb; a series of text messages or fun cat facts, or a “dirty fart” prank candle. Revenge has never been so much fun.

Artful Ashes: Spreading a deceased loved one’s ashes in a special place is one way to honor their memory, but if you’d rather keep that person close, Artful Ashes might be a better alternative. Artful Ashes will create a beautiful piece of glass art that incorporates your loved one’s ashes so you can remember them fondly every time you need a medium-sized paperweight.

Hangover Helper: There’s not much a person needs to successfully get over a hangover: just a greasy meal and, perhaps some more sleep. Hangover Helper offers both breakfast and emergency cleaning and promises to “take the tequila out of your sunrise.” Although this critical service is currently only available in Australia, it’s sure to hit the states soon.

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