8 Great Summer Ideas

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Summer’s here. Summer is that special time of the year where you plan your family vacations, stay up late chasing fireflies, celebrate our country’s birthday and relax in the pool. We’ve assembled some fun things to do with the whole family to maximize your summer fun and create memories that will last forever.

Squirt Gun Water Painting
It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You fill some water guns with watercolor paints and fire them right at your easels. This definitely an outdoor art experience and I’d wear some clothes I don’t mind getting paint on-part of the fun is splashing some color on each other. And if you choose the right paints, they’ll wash right out.

Chasing Fireflies
A low tech classic. Every generation has to spend at least one summer utterly obsessed with lightning bugs. Don’t have your kids miss out. Grab a few Mason jars and teach your kids how to capture fireflies. Don’t forget to let the fireflies go so your kids can chase them down tomorrow.

DIY Water Slide
Don’t be afraid to get the whole neighborhood involved! With a couple tarps and a hose, you can build your very own water slide. And the more families you get involved, the more long-lasting lessons about the importance of taking turns your kids will learn.

Outdoor Movie Theater
If you’re lucky, you live a community with a really cool park that does weekly outdoor movies. But if you’re not, don’t give up on the movie! You can pick up a large piece of white fabric (Careful using a sheet, they’re usually too thin) and a portable projector. Grab some popcorn and blankets and you’ve got a guaranteed good time. This is the perfect way to entertain a sleepover group.

Go Camping
On the list of classic summer moves, camping is pretty high up there. From mapping the constellations to making s’mores (and debating whether your marshmallows are burnt or perfectly brown) there’s so many memories to make.

Pick Blueberries
There are some really awesome blueberry farms that will let you and your whole family loose through their crop with baskets. And with no rule about how much you eat while you harvest. My family used to pay $5 a basket when we went and it was worth every penny. Expect blue tongues afterwards.

Eat a Watermelon
And you’ve got to spit the seeds out onto the ground! Taking your kids to pick out the perfect watermelon, then cooling it in the fridge: these are the memories that they will connect with summer every year. And if you plan ahead, you can save the rind for very cute adult jello shots.

Send the Kids to Someone Else’s House

It’s the best thing about the summer: all of us parents are in it together. You can plan to have all the kids at their friends’ houses for the same evening. If you’re really good, you might even pull off a whole weekend sans children. Some summer activities are more fun without the whole family. Like watermelon jello shots.

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