A Motorcycle Is More Than A Vehicle – It Is An Identity


Using extreme safety measures while operating a motorcycle is imperative: failing to wear a helmet or operate the vehicle correctly can result in an accident, a severe injury or even death. But following these tips can ensure a much safer motorcycle-riding experience.

Always wear a helmet
Wearing a helmet on a motorcycle is not only a non-negotiable when talking about safety, it’s illegal in most states to NOT wear one.

Monitor your speed
Following the posted speed limits of the area you’re in is very important. Riding a motorcycle already presents small room for error; the faster you’re going, the more dangerous a potential accident could be. Staying under or at the speed limit could help you avoid a ticket and, more importantly, an accident.

Be Visible and Keep your Distance
Avoid the blind spots on other vehicles to ensure friendly and safe driving. Also, don’t tail anyone. You have a lot less protection than the car or truck beside you!

Use Both Brakes
When braking on a motorcycle, use both brakes at the same time by applying them slowly and steadily. Being comfortable with using both brakes will make driving any motorcycle a much safer and easier experience.


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