Average Cost of Overnight Stay in a Hospital Cost by State?


18 million Americans are hospitalized each year. We’ve heard about how expensive it is to receive healthcare—in fact, over half of all bankruptcies are the result of high medical expenses—but just how much do overnight hospital stays cost?

The average hospital stay lasts for five days and can accrue bills in excess of $10,000, a price that does not include ambulance expenses or major surgical procedures. The price of an overnight hospital stay varies by state. The averages are listed below:

Alabama: $1,479
Alaska: $2,092
Arizona: $2,092
Arkansas: $1,560
California: $2,676
Colorado: $2,329
Connecticut: $2,156
Delaware: $2,233
Florida: $2,092
Georgia: $1,602
Hawaii: $2,073
Idaho: $2,317
Illinois: $2,049
Indiana: $2,132
Iowa: $1,344
Kansas: $1,555
Kentucky: $1,575
Louisiana: $1,519
Maine: $2,117
Maryland: $2,348
Massachusetts: $2,470
Michigan: $2,020
Minnesota: $1,929
Mississippi: $1,292
Missouri: $2,124
Montana: $1,253
Nebraska: $1,886
Nevada: $2,198
New Hampshire: $2,171
New Jersey: $2,212
New Mexico: $2,175
New York: $1,906
North Carolina: $1,616
North Dakota: $1,341
Ohio: $2,173
Oklahoma: $1,597
Oregon: $2,896
Pennsylvania: $1,921
Rhode Island: $2,325
South Carolina: $1,961
South Dakota: $1,113
Tennessee: $1,710
Texas: $2,062
Utah: $2,219
Vermont: $1,656
Virginia: $1,630
Washington: $2,972
West Virginia: $1,444
Wisconsin: $1,963
Wyoming: $1,350

With these prices, it’s no surprise that some people struggle to decide between their health and their financial wellbeing. Even a few nights in the most inexpensive states may be enough to drain some families’ savings.

Many well people never think that a hospital stay is their imminent future, but accidents and illnesses can occur at any time. The best way to protect yourself against the possibility of incurring similar costs is to purchase a comprehensive health insurance policy that includes medical, hospital and hospital indemnity coverage. What is included in this coverage?

  • Medical coverage: This is what you typically think of when purchasing health insurance. This covers preventative care, procedures and prescriptions, after meeting deductibles and co-pays. This coverage often includes a list of in-network doctors, which require less out-of-pocket spending than doctors that are out-of-network.
  • Hospital coverage: This covers extended hospital stays and the extensive charges that are related to a hospital stay. It may even cover home healthcare as well.
  • Hospital indemnity coverage: This covers the daily expenses of the insured’s family, such as bills, childcare and meals. While this coverage is not as important as the first two, it can help out families who may struggle if a matriarch or patriarch falls ill for an extended period of time.

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