Can You Qualify For Classic Car Insurance?


pexels-photo-126312If you own a classic, antique, or collectible vehicle, you may wish to insure your valuable investment. However, unlike standard auto insurance policies, there are a few requirements that you must meet before you can be considered for specialized coverage.


  1. Good Driving Record – make sure your driving history is free of serious traffic offenses that could label you a risky driver.
  2. The Car is in Good Condition – if your care has had previous damage to it or its appearance has significantly deteriorated, you may be denied coverage.
  3. Your Car is Securely Stored – Make sure that your classic car, when not in use, is stored in a private and protected facility with a lock or security system.
  4. The Car Isn’t Your Only Source of Transportation – your special vehicle may only be used for limited transport and not for everyday use. Low mileage is key.

Your special car can be a great asset that deserves to be protected. Call AmeriAgency today to discuss your vehicle and the insurance coverage we can provide to you at


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