Car Theft Prevention Tips


It Can Happen To You!

Have you ever heard a news story about cars being broken into and/or stolen in broad daylight? It may sound surprising at first, but oftentimes, you will learn that the vast majority of those cars were left unlocked. Many of them had valuables in plain sight as well.

After all, if you think about it through the eyes of a car thief, why would you break into a car if a different one is unlocked? Also, why would you break into a car not knowing what you can get, when there is another car with a phone or purse right there in the seat?

What can we learn from these news stories? Lock your car and don’t leave valuables in plain sight. We have heard that many times, and in some parking lots, there are even signs to remind us. But, sometimes, we simply forget to follow those directions.

So, we’d like to give you some tips on how to remind yourself about protecting your valuables from carjackers.

  1. Keep your car keys in your hand until you are out of the car. If they are still in your hand, not in a purse or pocket, then you are more likely to remember to lock the car.
  2. Right before you lock the car, look in the window. Ask yourself if there is anything that scream, “break in and get me!” If there is, don’t get it out and lock it in the trunk or obviously hide it. A thief might be watching. Take it with you, or get back in the car and rummage around for a while as you hide it.

Save yourself from becoming another news story, and from having to file a car insurance claim! Lock your car and hide your valuables.

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