Create a Memory Book for 2017

Looking for ideas to keep the kids busy until school starts again in January? 

How about a memory book for 2017?

Here are just a few ideas: 

Construction ideas- use left over wrapping paper to decorate the cover.  Try using the cardboard from an empty cereal box to give the cover stability. Staple the pages inside the cover and then cover the staples with colorful duct tape.

For younger kids- try writing a letter of the alphabet on each page to give them something to start with on each page. For instance: A – “In 2017 we made Applesauce from Apples we picked at the orchard.”

Try making 12 pages, one for each month. Have the kids try to remember something special that happened in each month. For example, June- my birthday party.

If you would rather focus on the future, have kids make 12 pages, one for each month in 2018.  Try some of these ideas to fill the pages:

  • fun things they would like to do each month in 2018
  • kind things we can do for our friends and family each month
  • make a list of birthdays for each month and think of a wish for each person. Follow up throughout the year by sending homemade birthday cards.
  • goals for 2018
  • things you would like to learn in 2018


Happy New Year and we wish you all the best in 2018!



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