Dead Bolts Can Save Your Life and Money


We all like to save on insurance and we constantly see advertisements for home security. But, have you checked to see if your insurance company gives a dead bolt discount? If you have not checked, now is a good time.

Why would an insurance company give a discount for having a dead bolt on your doors? Dead bolt locks make it much more difficult to break into a home than regular locks. The locks help reduce the risk of theft, and in turn can keep insurance rates lower.

But will any dead bolt lock work? There are locks with certain specifications that are recommended for optimal security.

First, if there is any kind of window or entrance near the lock, don’t use a thumb latch dead bolt. All someone has to do is break the window, reach in and open the dead bolt. Use a keyed dead bolt and don’t store the key near the lock.

Second, be sure the throw (the part that extends into the doorframe) extends into the doorframe at least one inch. It is almost impossible to jimmy a door open with a one inch throw.

Third, get a grade two lock. You could get a grade one, but those are for commercial buildings. So, a grade two lock is best for your home.

Fourth, if you install the lock, or have someone install it for you, ensure three inch screws are used to install the strike plate. You don’t want to invest in a grade two lock, have a one inch throw and then use inferior screws. The three inch screws will ensure the strike plate is attached to the frame of the house, adding to the overall security of the dead bolt.

We started by asking why an insurance company would give discounts for having a dead bolt lock. Well, as you can see, when properly installed, the dead bolt makes it more difficult for thieves, which reduces the odds of you needing insurance coverage. That can help reduce your premiums.

So, call AmeriAgency today at 615-209-9362 to see if you are getting a dead bolt discount.


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