Deer – Tips to Avoid Collisions.


Deer on the roads can be a serious problem for drivers. And although we usually associate deer collisions with rural areas, the truth is you can encounter a deer on the road most anywhere. Here are some tips for dealing with deer on the road:

Be Especially Alert During Peak Times
Deer are usually spotted during dawn or dusk. Because the chances of a deer crossing your path during these times are much higher, you need to be especially alert on the road.

Avoid Swerving
You may have to fight your instincts, because when drivers swerve to avoid deer, they can actually cause more serious accidents that involve other vehicles as well. Swerving can send you off the road, or even into a collision with another vehicle. The best thing to do is use your brake and stay inside of your lane.

Be a Cautious Driver
Paying attention to Deer Warning signs, and driving at a moderate speed can be the best preventative measures. Going too fast will make it difficult for you to avoid a head on collision with a deer.  When other drivers aren’t around-use your high beams to get the most light ahead of you.

Don’t Rely on Deer-Deterrents
You can find reflectors and deer whistles that are meant to scare away deer but they have not yet been proven to actually prevent collisions. Don’t be overconfident in any of these types of devices and maintain a sense of caution at all times.

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