Dental Health Affects Life Expectancy


You may not think of your dental coverage as being as important to your health as traditional health insurance, but there may be a flaw in your logic. A quick examination of dental health issues and how they can affect the rest of your body’s health may change your mind.

The gums in your mouth contain a very high concentration of blood vessels, especially in contrast to other parts of the body. If your gums are not healthy, or should they become diseased, it becomes easier for them to bleed. Because of the large number of vessels that connect to other parts of your body, you could be allowing access to bacteria from your mouth to the rest of your body.

Bacteria that cause gum disease can affect the tissue in your heart if there’s existing damage. That leads to a condition called endocarditis. Additionally, the natural way that your gums clot when they heal can affect your heart: leading to clogged arteries, heart disease and stroke, and high blood pressure.

If your body has to work harder to combat bacteria entering your bloodstream from your mouth, it can stress out your immune system, increasing fatigue, weakening your immune system and slowing your healing processes down. Scientists have even seen some evidence of a connection between gum disease and diabetes.

These issues affect your body’s overall health, as well as your life expectancy. Taking good care of your oral health will help keep you healthy and make sure you can live a long healthy life!

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