Do I Need Classic Car Insurance?


You are driving your classic car from the garage to a car show or event just 20 miles away when traffic suddenly stops and you end up rear ending the car in front of you. Standard auto insurance would cover the usual liability coverage, but what if your accident results in total loss? Generally, standard auto collision coverage reimburses the market value (with depreciation factored in) of the vehicle. With classic car auto insurance recognizes that your vehicle may actually appreciate over time. Therefore the policy reimbursement based on an agreed upon value, without depreciation.

Repairs & Restoration
During routine maintenance, you discover that your specialty automobile needs a little extra TLC. You may not be able to go down the street to your trusty mechanic – classic cars usually have to go to specialized restoration and repair shops to maintain their value. Specialty automobile insurance policies can give you the added flexibility to choose the shop that knows how to work with your specific vehicle.

You’re at a classic car show or meeting and when you go to leave, your automobile won’t start. Not only do you need to have your vehicle towed, but since it is a classic car you may need premium roadside assistance from operators who understand how to work with specialty cars and have the towing resources necessary to ensure your vehicle is protected. Towing and labor coverage can help cover the costs incurred from this specialized attention.

You store your vehicle in a safely secured garage or facility and may not even access the car more than a handful of times per year. Just because the car isn’t in motion doesn’t mean it is exempt from all risks. Comprehensive coverage can protect your valuable from storm damage, falling objects, vandalism, fire, or even theft.

Car Shows & Meetings
You have worked hard on your vehicle and you want to show it off, but transporting a classic car can be costly and stressful. Some specialty auto insurance companies offer additional insurance coverages to help protect your vehicle while you are traveling and even provide resources to help cut the costs of transportation and travel.

You’ve put a lot of time and energy into your Classic automobile. Classic car insurance can help protect your investment both inside and outside of the garage. Give us a call at 615-209-9362 or visit our website today at to discuss your coverage options.

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