Do You Have Identity Theft Insurance?


Since the issue first arose, identity theft has been a fear in many Americans minds. Identity theft most often occurs when people use personal information to have credit issued in your name, and then run out on their debts, leaving you with the bill and the hit to your credit. Many cases of identity theft arise from a stolen wallet or purse, but sometimes, shopping online and phishing scams through your email can result in reduced security of your personal information.

More companies are including identity theft coverage in homeowner’s policies. You can check your current policy to see if you’re already covered, or you can purchase identity theft insurance as a standalone product as well. Insurance covers the cost of restoring your identity and repairing your credit reports. Some policies even provide a step by step plan to walk victims of identity theft through the process.

In today’s climate, where companies run credit checks when determining whether to hire you, you cannot afford to navigate the legal issues of identity theft alone. By trusting in your agent, you can ensure that you are protected and should the worst happen, you can rectify the situation quickly and painlessly.

We can bundle or sell you a stand alone identity theft policy.  These cost around $45.00 per year.  To get this bargain call AmeriAgency at 615-209-9362.

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