Does Your Tennessee Business Need Earthquake Insurance


Earthquakes, although rare in much of the country, can be incredibly devastating when they strike.  Tennessee is especially  vulnerable as you can see in the chart.  Your commercial property insurance will cover many major natural disaster events, earthquake destruction is not covered by the traditional policy. For earthquake protection, businesses will have to purchase separate earthquake coverage.

Commercial earthquake insurance will cover damage to your building, as well as your business possessions. Depending on the terms of your policy, your policy can also cover the income lost by your business being shut down while repairs are made.

It is important to note that earthquake policies will only payout when the damage exceeds your deductible. With earthquake policies, there are often high deductibles, sometimes as high as 20 percent of the entire value of your property.

You can call AmeriAgency at 615-209-9362 for advice to make sure earthquake insurance makes sense for your business.

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