Don’t Let These Get In Your Way


Often the biggest obstacle to our success lies in our way of thinking.  Three mistakes you may be making that undermine your progress:

• Confirmation bias. When looking for data or advice, do you have a truly open mind or are you just looking for information that confirms what you already believe? If the latter, you could miss important facts.

• Recency bias. Everything changes, but if you ignore this fact of life you may end up repeating the same steps without making real progress. Just because something worked once doesn’t mean it will continue to be successful. Review your strategies on a regular basis and be ready to change if they’re no longer applicable.

• Loss aversion. Some of us tend to dwell more on our failures than our success, leading us to avoid risks at all costs. Anticipate failures so you can prevent them. Learn to accept and learn from your failures so you can move forward.

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