Fall Is Here – Are You Ready?

pumpkinsFall is here and with it, the unpredictable descent into winter. One day it’s 75 degrees, the next it’s 36.  Weather can change pretty quickly, so it’s important to be prepared for the incoming temperature drops.

Interior Maintenance

Check for drafts under or around windows. Use caulk to seal up any small openings you find.

Get your furnace inspected. You don’t want that furnace going out on you as soon as the temperature begins to drop.

Cover your central air conditioning unit to protect it from the weather. If you have window units, bring them inside or cover them as well.

Clean out your air filters. Vinegar is an affordable and safe option for cleaning out these areas that your air filters through.

Exterior Maintenance
Do A Roof Check. Make sure your roof is in top condition to brave any winter storms.

Clean your gutters. With leaves falling down regularly, this will be a task you get to repeat until winter finally arrives.

Inspect and Trim Your Trees. Be on the lookout for trees that are past their prime. You don’t want trees, or even their branches coming down in the middle of the winter and causing damage to your home or vehicles.

Clean and Organize Your Garage. Get your outdoor furniture and tools stored, and check in on your winter tools. Is your snow blower still in good condition? It’s best to know before you need to use it.

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