Four Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Following

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girl on computerLinkedIn has become a valuable resource for individuals and businesses alike. From recruiting, to marketing to job search and professional networking groups, there’s something for every business and professional. Many companies have not seen the engagement they’d like with their LinkedIn page and may be wondering how they can improve their statistics. After all, LinkedIn followers of your business can become valuable employees or customers of your business. Below are four ways you can change your LinkedIn strategy to improve your strategy:

  1. Find Out Who Your Audience Is. You should have a good idea of what your customer looks like, but you should work on narrowing that profile further: who follows you on LinkedIn? Why do those people follow you? What type of content do they tend to share on their pages?
  2. Quality over Quantity. If you’re sending out too many messages, or asking for followers to share your posts, you may be pushing your connections away. Many do not appreciate the aggressive approach, and prefer to interact with companies that churn out valuable content without pushing it into their faces.
  3. Be Who You Say You Are. Think about who you are and what you want individuals and businesses to know about you. Find creative and genuine ways to express yourself to your connections. Add your own insight and business intelligence to what you share, rather than simply adding content from elsewhere online. Some aren’t going to care for everything you have to say, but thoughtful discussion can be encouraged and expose you to more potential followers.
  4. Keep it Real. There’s no need to talk around the nature of your business or work. Use the unique personality of your brand to deliver content that speaks directly to your target audience without the fluff. Staying honest is staying relevant, and adds to your credibility.

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