Getting Married or Divorced? Call your Agent!





When our relationships change, we often don’t think of the financial implications. Whether it’s getting married, moving in together, separating or getting divorced, these changes greatly affect your insurance needs.

Marriage: You will want to take a look at your insurance policies and determine the most cost efficient way to combine your coverage. Audit your health, auto and life policies.

  • Health policies are most often provided through your employer. Look at the cost of adding each other to your health policies and determine the best situation. 
  • You may want to combine your auto policies. Before you do, however, make sure you’ll be saving money to do so. Many factors go into your auto rates, and although multiple cars usually provide you with a discount, that may not be offset by additional cost for your new partner. If their driving history is bad, it may be wiser to keep your policies separate. 
  • Life policies can help your family handle bills and maintain their current lifestyle should you pass away. You may want to make your new spouse the beneficiary of your policy. With a new family, comes new responsibilities and financial obligations. You may also want to adjust your policy to meet those new issues. 

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