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Have a Grandma or Grandparents’ camp this summer with your grandchildren!

Wondering what to do with your grandchildren this summer? How about a week long camp!                                          Here are some ideas:

Pick 5 great children’s books! Use these books to inspire your activities. Art, snacks, places to visit, science experiments, cooking, music and songs to sing, outdoor activities, lists,etc. Each day is focused on a different book/theme. Here are some of our favorite ideas based upon:

Green Eggs and Ham- Dr. Seuss

Art: learn about mixing colors and discover what colors make green, light green, and dark green, paint a picture with just green, paint green things- ie: frogs, broccoli, trees, make a project with egg shells

Snacks: eat green things like veges, use food coloring to make ranch dressing green for dipping, green grapes and red grapes- which ones do they like?

Places to visit: a park to identify all of the green things you see- kids win a green prize if they can find 100 items, go to the grocery store and make a list of things your grand kids do and do not like to eat, or visit a chicken farm to learn about eggs.

Science Experiments: Look up experiments with eggs for older kids- an egg drop, get a hard boiled egg into a bottle, discuss where eggs and ham come from and learn about pigs and chickens, young kids love mixing food coloring in water- but be sure to prepare for a little mess.

Cooking: green eggs and ham of course, but maybe eat it for dinner, you could also try to make and eat lime jello, green sugar cookies, celery stuffed with green cream cheese, you get the picture!

Music and Singing Songs: Make up a song to the line in the book “I do not like it Sam I Am”, kids call out things they do not like when you sing that line, sing “It’s not easy being green” with Kermit the frog, make green musical instruments- oatmeal container drums, toilet paper roll filled with dried green beans or peas and sealed with green duct tape for a shaker/noisemaker.

Outdoor Activities: Here and there- teach those concepts in your own backyard- make a base near you for here and one a few yards away for there- kids stand in a third spot- you yell, “here” and they run to you. You yell “there” and they run to the other spot. Let them try to guess what you will say next.

Lists: Make a list on poster board of all the things your grand children like and do not like. It could be food, or movies, or behavior. Their parents may be surprised!

Sometimes it just takes a good book to spark ideas. Enjoy your time with your little ones and call us if you have any insurance needs. AmeriAgency Inc  615-209-9362




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