Green Endorsements to Your Insurance Policies?


Over the last few years, both Federal and State governments have been increasing the tax credit benefits of making your business green. As a result, more and more companies have been investing in green technology and building materials.
Look at your Current Coverage

Most property insurance policies cover the cost of replacing property using materials similar to the original construction. This means that it is difficult to use property insurance to cover the costs of converting to green materials after damage.
An increasing number of insurance providers have begun to provide green endorsements to their property policies. These endorsements allow coverage for green materials (often more expensive) to replace original construction, as well as recycling costs, certification fees and more.



While green endorsements will cost more than the standard property policy alone, they add value to your business. Should you rebuild with green materials, it’s possible you will in turn create a more secure building, with less risk of damage in the future. And as the industry continues to keep up with the trends in building, there may even be insurance discounts similar to existing discounts on hybrids and electric vehicles.

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