Happy New Year! Celebration with kids!



  1. Share a toast with Sparkling Cider!
  2. Countdown a little early (8:00 p.m.) with Netflix. Your kids favorite TV characters will help them count down the New Year.
  3. Make a family resolution for 2018! Make a 2017 list of things you are grateful for!
  4. Create holiday poppers out of left over Christmas decorations and wrapping paper (https://www.todaysparent.com/family/crafts/how-to-make-holiday-crackers/)
  5.  Create a photo booth with 2017 and 2018 photos! All you need is a blank space and 5 pieces of poster board. Write 2, 0, 1 , 7 and 8 in big numbers on the poster. Hang the 7 over the 8 and celebrate the 7 “falling” to reveal the 8 as part of the countdown.
  6. Learn how New Year’s Eve is celebrated around the world! Try eating 12 seedless grapes just before midnight as they do in Spain. Or imagine what it would be like to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Australia, where it’s summer time!
  7. With parental help of course, set off luminaries at midnight. Write 2017 on the outside. Pick a safe launch site and watch as they float away. It’s magical. Say goodbye to 2017.
  8. Make a family time capsule.
  9. Make 2018 the year of yes! Play a yarn necklace game. Everyone gets 3 necklaces made of yarn. Each time the person is caught saying no, they loose a necklace. The person with the most yarn necklaces at midnight wins!
  10. Write your 2018 wishes for your family and celebrate them all year long. Each family member writes wishes for each other. Place these in a jar and place it on the kitchen table. Take one out each week and see how family members can help make the wish come true.

Happy New Year from AmeriAgency Inc. !


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