Horses & Farm Insurance


If you own more than two horses, farm insurance may be a good investment for you. Farm insurance is not just for crop damage or livestock loss. It is also the coverage needed for equine owners for four very important reasons.

  1. To adequately insure property
  2. To protect against an accident involving horses
  3. To cover horse equipment
  4. To cover the fencing needed to keep horses safe

If an individual owns more than two horses, or other people are riding them or caring for them, a standard homeowners insurance policy may not cover expenses in the event of a loss. In this scenario, the area where the horses are kept could be classified as a business and home insurance may not provide adequate coverage.

Furthermore, liability associated with any accidents that might occur with your horses would not be covered under a typical homeowners policy. Farm insurance would be necessary to cover these expenses as well.

Farm insurance would also be required to cover the cost of the horses’ equipment if a loss should occur. Saddles, helmets, horse blankets and other equine-related items are all costly and may not be covered under home insurance.

Finally, the fencing necessary to keep horses from wandering off is also costly. Farm insurance would be necessary for this as well.

For everyone who has ever dreamed of owning their own horses, the right insurance can help maintain that dream. Farm insurance can provide adequate coverage if your barn is classified as a business, in the event that an accident should occur, if equipment gets lost or damaged or if you need to re-fence your pasture after a loss.

Protect yourself & your equine friends.  Call AmeriAgency for help with farm insurance.

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