How To File A Claim For You Business After A Hurricane

tulen-travel-143274When you think of insurance coverage after a hurricane, you typically think about your home or private property. However, business owners need to think about the next steps to take after storm damage, too. Here are 5 helpful steps for filing a claim for your business insurance after a hurricane hits.

Assess the Damage | Make a list of all damaged property and include pictures or video to back up your findings. Also include any documentation about the value of the damage items or structures.

Gather Business Interruption Data | Obtain proof of your business revenue before the hurricane hit and of your current business revenue now that the storm has passed. Revenue documentation can include expense & sales documents, revenue profit & loss statements, and inventory reports. This data can help determine the amount of business income you have lost and could potentially lose.

Meet with the Adjuster(s) | Be prepared to meet with an insurance adjuster (or 2) and show them all documentation and data you have collected.

Meet with the Contractor(s) | Get replacement estimates for damaged property and items. It is a good idea to get at least 2 bids from contractors.

Document Everything | Save all copies of correspondence regarding the claim – from start to finish. Keep a contact list for every individual you talk with.

Hurricanes don’t have to ruin your business. Give us a call today to talk about what kind of business insurance coverage we can offer to fit your needs.

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