Insure Your Wedding?

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Planning a wedding can be a very exciting time for everyone from the bride-to-be to the mother-of-the-bride. While considering the decorations, the dinner, and the entertainment, one thing that is sometimes overlooked is the wedding insurance. We don’t like to think that disasters that affect the wedding could occur, but they can and do. Let’s take a look at what types of wedding insurance should be considered when planning your big day.

Wedding Venue 

Let’s suppose you have a venue booked and have paid the deposit months in advance, amounting to hundreds of dollars. Sometime before your big day, the venue is damaged through a natural disaster, like flooding or a hurricane or perhaps a fire and it will not be available. Booking another venue will be stressful enough, but having insurance will cover the deposit and lessen the stress somewhat.

Death or Illness

Something that no one would ever expect to happen could be the death or critical illness of the bride or groom or one of the participants of the wedding party. The wedding may need to be cancelled, but having this type of insurance will cover all the expenses that have been incurred, including the venue rental, food and hotel bookings.


There are a number of reasons you would need insurance for photography or videography. The quality of the work may be inferior due to equipment not working properly or photo finishing being done poorly. Perhaps the photographer showed up late or not at all. Insurance would cover the costs of having to book another photographer to do retakes after the wedding has occurred.


No matter which part of the country you live in, a weather disaster could occur at anytime, including the day of your wedding. Hurricanes, tornadoes, hail storms or severe thunderstorms can cause the cancellation of a wedding. Having insurance in this likelihood will cover all costs if the wedding needs to be rescheduled.


If something happens to the caterer on the way to the event or if the food is poorly prepared and presented, an emergency food delivery may be required. Perhaps the food got spoiled sitting in the sun for too long. Insurance will cover these unexpected losses.


You may have booked a band or a DJ and supplied a deposit prior to the event. Suppose that the entertainers have to cancel or get into an accident on the way to the event. This would be a disaster, but at the very least, your insurance can recover the cost of your deposit.


Honeymoons can be very expensive, so it is wise to determine what type of coverage you have before you travel. Check your homeowners policy and credit card coverage. If necessary, buy some extra insurance for your trip. Costs should cover things like luggage theft, flight delays, accidents with rental cars or unexpected disasters with a cruise or resort.

Formal Wear Damage

Damages, theft or loss can happen to the tuxedo, wedding gown or the attire of any member of the party. Be sure to purchase insurance that will cover the costs associated with the rental or purchase of the wardrobe and include all accessories.

Personal Liability and Medical Coverage

This is important coverage to have. If someone gets injured at your event, costs of up to thousands of dollars could be incurred. Property damage may occur because of guests getting out of hand and having a little too much fun. This coverage should include medical costs or property damage expenses.

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