Is Your Baby Going Off To College?

pexels-photo-94356There’s a lot to consider when you send your kid off to college. We like to think that our children are going to be more like adults when they reach eighteen, but in truth, we’ll still be the ones responsible for them, even when they’re away at school. That means ensuring that we protect their belongings while they are attending college.

You may not think of colleges as a huge robbery target, but most college students have laptops, gaming systems, tvs and phones that are worth a good amount of money. Unless you’re perfectly fine with shelling out the cash when someone snatches up your kid’s shiny new laptop, you definitely want to take precautions.

  • You should have any electronics engraved with your kid’s name. This helps police track items if they’re stolen, and discourages thieves. Many colleges and universities offer this service at a discounted price.
  • Make sure you create an inventory of everything that your child is keeping in their dorm room. This serves the same purpose as the inventory you keep of items in your home.
  • Discourage your child from taking anything with them that is too valuable. If they have expensive jewelry or goods, try to keep those valuables at home or in a safe deposit box.
  • Encourage your child to make smart decisions: don’t leave their room unlocked, and make sure to never leave bags unattended on campus. It’s incredibly easy to pick up a laptop bag and walk away with it on a college campus.

Usually, your homeowner’s policy will cover your student’s property while they are away at college, however it’s still best to speak with your agent to make sure that your child continues to be covered, even while they are away.

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