Keep Fido & Felix From Eating Up Your Deposit


We love our little furry friends. We wouldn’t dream of leaving them behind when we move. But, sometimes our dogs can cause damage to our apartments that cost us our deposits.

Here are some easy ways to keep your fur baby from ruining your chances at getting your deposit back:


  • Protect Surfaces from Chewing
    In general, dogs avoid chewing on things that smell of citrus. If your dog is a chewer, you can try spraying surfaces with citrus scented cleaning spray or air freshener. If you need a stronger deterrent, most pet supply stores carry products designed to keep pets from chewing up your things.
  • Regularly Remove Pet Hair from Your Carpets
    Your dog is covered in hair. And most of the time it’s adorable and soft, but it can be hard to remove pet hair from carpet. Avoid paying special cleaning fees by regularly removing the hair yourself. A good way to remove pet hair from the carpet is a squeegee. You can use the same type of squeegee you use in the shower to remove pet hair effectively. Try to squeegee your carpets every other week, or more often if you have multiple pets.
  •  Seal up Treats and Food
    The compulsion to get into your trash, or their dog food stash is a hard one to combat. The best way to combat this problem is to seal up the temptations in air tight containers. You can buy large dog food storage containers for pretty cheap. Transfer dog food from bags into the sealed containers. Removing that tempting dog food smell helps your dog resist their evil urges.

    You can also purchase trashcans that open from a foot pedal. Most versions of these trashcans include a lock, so even if you’ve got a smart pup they won’t be able to open the trashcan up when you’re not home. Of course, storing trashcans and dog food in rooms with locked doors doubles up your protection.

  • Prevent Boredom
    What’s the number one reason your dog destroys things? He’s bored. Try to prevent boredom by leaving toys that can keep Fido busy for hours. You can purchase toys that are indestructible and have space for snacks in them. Add peanut butter (make sure your brand is xylitol free) and freeze the toy. Your dog will spend hours trying to eat the peanut butter out of the toy. And a busy dog is a well behaved dog.

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