Make An Impact In Meetings – Overcome Shyness


Did you hate speech class?  Meetings are a place where multiple employees who may not generally communicate in person come together. As such, it’s an opportunity to build your reputation in your company, as well as foster trust between colleagues. However, if you struggle with shyness or a lack of confidence, it can be difficult for you to seize that opportunity.    If this is a problem that affects you, these 5 tips may help.

  1. Be Prepared. The greatest boost to your confidence is knowing the material you’ll be discussing backwards and forwards. Write down ideas you may want to bring up. You can even practice saying them aloud, like memorizing a script.
  2. Weigh in on Topics You Know. If the meeting is about marketing efforts and you are the one who analyzed the numbers that are being discussed, this is the perfect time for you to weigh in. Use your experience to inform the opinion you share in the meeting.
  3. Be Careful of the Words You Use. Some words and phrases take away from the confidence you feel about what you’re communicating. Your question isn’t stupid, you know what you’re talking about and you have every right to speak.
  4. Build up to it. By creating goals for how much you plan to contribute in each meeting, you can slowly build up to full engagement, without the fear.
  5. Have a “Pre-Meeting.” If you know someone else who will be a part of that meeting, you can meet up with them ahead of time and discuss the topic of the meeting. Often, the person you pre-meet with will call you out in the meeting to speak because they know you have something valuable to add.

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