Make Your Rental Your Home


When you rent a space, whether it be an apartment or a home, you often can’t make any long term changes to the design. It can be difficult to make a place for like home if you’re limited by the rules about permanent changes to your apartment’s design. Here are some easy ways to remodel your place without breaking the terms of your lease:

Put a Back Plash in Your Kitchen
Yes, you can totally buy a peel and stick back splash! And you should! This quick and easy (and affordable!) upgrade has the power to transform the entire look of your kitchen.

Re-Tile Your Floors
Okay, so you can’t actually re-tile your kitchen or bathroom. But don’t let that discourage you. You can purchase vinyl floor cloths in whatever design or pattern you’d like. They don’t even need adhesive! You just cut them to fit your space and they lay on top of your old floor just like a rug. This is a great way to modernize a kitchen or bathroom with minimal effort.

Removable Wallpaper
This is a booming area in home remodels. With tons of companies making different versions of removable wallpaper, you can create the exact look you want! You can choose to add wallpaper to a single wall as an accent, or change the whole room to match your mood. You can also use removable wallpaper for the insides of your shelves for an instant pop of color. The possibilities are practically endless!

Change Out Your Light Fixture
Rentals often don’t have the style of lighting or fixtures you’d prefer. Feel free to swap their boring fixtures out for the ones you pick out. Just make sure to save the original fixtures and swap them back when you move out.

Fake it Until You Make it
Those appliances that came in your kitchen usually aren’t the newest or the most modern. But don’t worry you can make them look modern and new (at least from the outside) ! You can create designs with tape-consider a gold striped fridge-or you can use stainless steel tape to create a sleek modern feel. Your landlord might not even want you to take it down when you leave!

Add Some Life
Pick up some hard to kill plants from your local greenery spot or farmer’s market. Plants make a place feel more like home and-added bonus-help purify the air in your space.

Clean Up Right
Invest in a good shower head. You’ve seen them out there- in hotels, luxury condos, friends’ homes. They’re worth the investment. And again, don’t think of leaving them behind, swap that shower head back out when you leave and put it in your next place!

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