Minimize the Risks in Your Home

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Most of us feel safe in our homes, but the truth is, there are many dangers in our homes that can cause serious injury or, in some cases death. By being aware of those risks, you can work to minimize them and keep your family safe.

Risk of Slipping and Falling: No one likes to think they’d slip or fall, but it’s more common than you’d think. Stairs, wet floors, and loose rugs are all major risks for falls. If there is anyone in your home advanced in age, you should be especially vigilant.

You can minimize the risks posed in all of these instances. Add carpet tape to the bottoms of rugs to secure them in place. Be sure to mop up any and all liquids as soon as possible and avoid additional risks like socks on wooden staircases. Ensure that all staircases have safety railing.

Risk of Poisoning: Unfortunately, there are multiple ways that you and your family can be exposed to poisonous or dangerous substances. Old pipes can add dangerous exposure to lead or other toxic chemicals. And something as simple as leaving your car running in the garage can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

You can minimize these risks by adding filters to your faucets that track chemical levels in your water. You can verify the integrity of your pipes with a plumber or city professional. And you should always leave your garage door open if you leave your car running inside it. Cars give off carbon monoxide and in enclosed spaces, the levels rise to deadly amounts.

Risks to Babies: Most people don’t think of cribs as being dangerous, but cribs with raised corner posts pose a hanging risk. Babies can get their clothing stuck on those posts and then fall backwards and hang. In addition, toys, blankets and loose beddings can pose strangulation and suffocation risks to babies.

You can minimize these risks by choosing cribs without raised corner posts and avoiding leaving any toys, blankets or bedding in the crib with your baby when they sleep. Simply avoiding all of these risks is the best way to keep your baby safe.

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