Plan For Successful Summer Entertaining



Entertaining Safely at Home
Whether hosting a birthday party or a charity gala, organizing a successful event requires planning to make the experience enjoyable for everyone.
Below are a few helpful tips to lessen the likelihood of accidents or injury.
Hire Reputable Vendors
  • Obtain a signed contract documenting the function each vendor will provide.
  • Ensure with documentation that each vendor is licensed and bonded.
  • Make sure vendors are adequately supervised.
  • Create written non-disclosure agreement to be signed by vendors that identify expected behavior.
Minimize Slipping Hazards
  • Ensure that all walkways and stairs are clear of obstacles.
  • Maintain adequate lighting in high traffic areas.
  • Consider placing rugs or other covering on polished floors in order slipping.
  • Remind guests to watch their step around staircases and other changes in surface elevation.
Be Smart When Serving Alcohol  
  • Never serve alcohol to minors.
  • Designate or hire a responsible bartender to help monitor alcohol consumption.
  • Consider offering alternate transportation for guests.
  • Keep a lock on your wine cellar.
  • If you are serving wine from your personal collection, ensure that bartenders understand what you want (and don’t want) poured.

Carefully Consider Activity Choices

  • Supply safety equipment, such as life jackets or bike helmets, if its required for an activity.
  • Have basic medical first-aid equipment on-hand  to treat minor injuries.
  • Use professionals when appropriate: for example, if a pool party, have a certified lifeguard.
  • Ensure that activities are allowed by your local jurisdiction.

Make Parking Part of the Plan

  • Determine if any zoning restrictions are in place and obtain permits if required.
  • If you plan to have guests park along the street, obtain permission from local government.
  • For large events, consider offering valet parking.
  • Ensure there is adequate lighting in the driveway and parking areas.

Consider Additional Safety Measures

  • Be mindful of media exposure.
  • Block off any parts of your home that you consider private.
  • Securely lock up guns or other weapons in your home.
  • Lock up valuables.
  • Separate pets as guests might be allergic, or afraid.

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