Prep Ideas For Selling Your House

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Selling your house, and moving in general, can be a daunting task. However, by attacking the cleaning-and-packing process with a plan, it can be less of a headache than you might think. Here are some steps to get your home ready to sell, and the best ways to organize and pack your belongings!

  • Start de-cluttering your house. Donate old clothes, throw away broken items, and generally remove everything from your home that you won’t be moving with you.
  • Begin organizing the belongings that you don’t get rid of. Remember, potential buyers are going to be going through your home – appearance is everything! This is also a good time to hire a cleaning service and give your home a deep clean.
  • Rent a storage unit and move your largest items in during the selling and packing process. Your house is more likely to sell with less clutter – and that includes enormous pieces of furniture!
  • Hire a handyman to come out and make minor repairs around your home. Leaky faucets, cracks in the floor, walls that need painting – taking care of minor details can really make a house pop.
  • Check out your homes “curb appeal.” How does your house look from the curb out front? Does a window need cleaning? Does the gutter need a tune-up? How do your flower beds look?

This is just a small list – selling your home requires patience, elbow-grease and perseverance. But completing the above steps is a great way to start, and should eliminate any headaches you have about the process. Also, talk to your realtor and ask if he or she has any tips on getting your home ready to be sold.

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