Recycle Your Car


Just because your car’s life on the road has come to an end doesn’t mean that it’s no longer valuable. Many components within old cars can still be recycled or reused within the automotive industry, along with several others such as décor or furniture. What car parts are recyclable?

  • Glass: Automotive glass can be used to make floor tiles, artwork, jewelry, counters and other glass products.
  • Batteries: Batteries often have juice leftover even after a car retires. They must be removed before your car travels to a scrapyard because the acid is toxic. But removing them doubles as a way to reuse them in other cars while they still have a life.
  • Tires: Depending on the wear of the treads, old tires may be able to be installed on another car and used until they’re worn down. But even worn tires can be made into brand new tires, artificial turf and various other rubber products.
  • Metal: Metal is one the easiest materials to recycle or reuse. Cars are often stripped of valuable metal components before being crushed into blocks. Components such as wheels and radiators can even be used in other vehicles.
  • Oil: Motor oil can often be reused for a variety of purposes. Mechanics or technicians generally drain oil from the car’s system before it is dismantled. Oil filters can typically be recycled as well.
  • Engine: When a car comes to the end of its life, it’s usually because one of the key operational systems malfunctioned. However, if the engine is still in decent shape, many of the parts can be reused elsewhere. This includes spark plugs, catalytic converters and radiators.

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