Save Money: Use One Insurance Agency For All Your Insurance Needs


While many consumers work with more than one insurance agency, you can take advantage of significant benefits if you pick a single company for all of your insurance needs.   First, you get peace of mind that you have one agency reviewing your total insurance needs.  Ranging from discounts to easy payment options, learn about some more of the advantages insurance companies can offer you.

Multiple Policy Discounts Available – Many insurance companies will offer you a multiple policy discount if you buy more than one policy with them. Multiple car discounts are common, but many agencies will also offer you a discount if you purchase both car and home insurance policies from them. Discount percentages can be significant: 15 to 20 percent is common, depending on the company.

One Point of Contact in an Emergency – If you ever need to make a claim or report a loss, having a single insurance agency can make the process much easier. In the case of a natural disaster or complicated accident scenario, multiple insurance policies may work together to give you complete coverage. When one agency handles all of your policies, you won’t have to worry about who you should call.

Easier to Make Changes to Your Coverage – When all of your policies are with a single agency, it’s easier to alter your policies to address a major life event. For example, if you buy a new house in a different state, you’ll need to alter both your home and auto insurance policies. With a single phone call, you’ll be able to discuss all of your new insurance needs with your agent.

Stacking Coverage – In some states, you can stack coverage within a single car insurance policy or across multiple policies. Having all of your cars insured by a single agency can make this easier. Of course, if stacking coverage is not allowed in your state, you can still benefit from reduced premiums by insuring all of your cars under a single multicar auto insurance policy.

Helps You Get the Best Coverage – When you have multiple policies, it can be difficult to understand how everything fits together. Many insurance agencies offer insurance packages to provide the coverage you need for a variety of scenarios. Each package consists of several policies, which will fit together without redundancies to provide the coverage you’ll need. Also, when you have a single insurance agency, it’s easy to add an umbrella policy or additional coverage if necessary.

Streamlined Billing Options – With multiple policies and multiple payment due dates, it can be easy to overlook a payment. To help you with your bookkeeping, many agencies offer online bill payment systems. Once you log in, you can see all of your policies and premium due dates. You can also keep one method of payment on file in most systems to make paying your bills even easier.

It’s easy to accumulate multiple policies from different insurance agencies. However, if you’re ready to pick a single insurance agency, it’s easy to purchase a new policy and switch your coverage.

If you’d like to work with a single insurance agency for all of your insurance needs, call AmeriAgency at (615) 209-9362 .

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