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pexels-photo-29532Poor habits are like a warm bed: Easy to get into, but hard to get out of. 

Selling on price seems to be what everyone is doing. But, if consumers came to you to save a dollar, they’ll leave you to save a dollar. It’s imperative that you sell your value.

Stop selling. Instead of trying to make the sale, try to resolve their problem. Show prospects you are on their side, and they will sell themselves.

Stop quoting the lowest first. If you tell prospects your cheapest option first, you have nowhere to go if they resist the offer. First, refer to your comparative rater for the company with the best product. Explain why it is the best choice. Then, use the least expensive price if they can’t see the value.

Start asking why. Learn why they need insurance. Modify the quote to their needs. Offering coverage that’s more comprehensive is how you show your value.

Find commonality. Don’t take rating information without establishing a connection. Show prospects you understand their needs. If prospects see you understand them, they will see the value in working with you.

Start following up. Many sales people just follow up once or twice. You need to follow up at least three times. There are marketing tools that can help with your follow up needs.   See ZOHO or Sales Force for marketing systems that you can automate.

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