Sewer Back-up Coverage: Do I Need It?


Whether spring rain or winter ice and snow melting, there is always a risk of flooding, no matter the time of year. And while you may already be aware of the risk that flooding poses to your home and vehicle, you may not have considered another side effect of flooding: sewer back-up.

What You Need To Know
Sewer back-up is not typically covered in a homeowner’s policy, and it is not included in a flood policy either. A sewer back-up can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your walls, electrical system, floors and furniture. In some cases, the damage is so bad, that sewer back-up can make your home uninhabitable.

There are many causes of sewer back-up: aging sewer systems, combined pipelines, tree roots damaging pipelines, a blockage in the sanitary main, even the strain of your flooded basement on the sewage system in a storm. The truth is, many of these causes are out of your control, but legally you are responsible for the damage done to your home.

The good news is, sewer back-up insurance can be added to your homeowner’s policy to protect you from the worst case scenario. Many customers pay only an additional $40-$50 annually for this added coverage, and best of all, it closes up the gap in your coverage making sure your home is always protected.

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