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The Weather is Changing, And So Is the Time: Safety Tips for October


As winter starts to set in most of us will be spending more time indoors. Now is a good time to review this checklist for safety, comfort, and savings.

Around your home…

  • Make sure your fireplace and chimney have been cleaned
  • Install motion detection lights on the outside of your home – it will save energy and add a touch of safety
  • Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are functioning properly and have good batteries
  • Make sure all furnace ducts and hot water pipes are sealed and insulated
  • Consider using a programmable thermostat for energy conservation
  • If you regularly arrive home after dark, use a timer on interior lighting for safety so lights are on when you arrive home

Your car…

  • Check fluid levels
  • Get an engine tune up
  • Check your tire tread and review winter driving tips
  • Be aware of children playing around streets after dark
  • Check your battery; starting power is more crucial when it is colder
  • Keep a blanket, flashlight, and shovel in the trunk

For Halloween…


  • Choose safe costumes for your child. Make sure their vision is not obstructed in any way, that the costume allows for comfortable movement and breathing, and is flame resistant.
  • Make sure adults accompany smaller children when trick-or-treating
  • Send kids out with flashights, and if appropriate, a cell phone
  • Make sure children cross streets at well light intersections and obey traffic signals
  • Be sure to check your kid’s candy before they eat any

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Lightning Strikes – What you Need to Know


Lightning strikes are common across the country, regardless of climate. And they can be devastating to property and people alike. It is important to have a good understanding of how you can protect yourself during a storm should lightning be a factor.

Fiction: Lightning never strikes the same place twice.
Fact: Lightning has struck many places over and over. It especially seems to like tall pointy and isolated things, like the Empire State Building, which has been hit about a dozen times in a single storm.

Fiction: You should hide under a tree during a lightning storm for shelter.
Fact: It is incredibly dangerous to hide under a tree in a storm. In fact, being under a tree is the 2nd leading cause of deaths by lightning.

Fiction: You can’t touch someone who has been struck by lightning, because you will be electrocuted.
Fact: This is simply not true. The body does not store electric charges. You can absolutely touch a victim and help them however you can.

Fiction: Metal attracts lightning.
Fact: Lightning is not more prone to strike you if you’re wearing metal (think of all the Crusaders in their chainmail). Metal is an excellent conductor of electricity, however, so you don’t want to go around clinging to chain link fences during a storm. If one part of the fence is struck, you could get electrocuted from a very far distance.

Fiction: Lightning only strikes during a storm.
Fact: Lightning can strike at anytime, anywhere. Lightning has, and will strike during clear skies and sunshine.

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U.S. Top 25 Motorcycle Rides


no helmet

Getting ready for a cross-country (or local) motorcycle ride? www.motorcycleroads.com lists the top 25 routes in the US. Add these to your motorcycle bucket list now!



25 – Mexican Hat to Bryce Canyon (Utah), 293 miles
24 – The Palomar Mountain Loop (California), 35 miles
23 – Highway 20 Washington Pass (Washington), 87 miles
22 – Central Hills Loop (South Dakota), 57 miles
21 – Talimena National Scenic Byway (Oklahoma), 55 miles
20 – Going-to-the-Sun Road (Montana), 50 miles
19 – Natchez Trace Parkway (Tennessee), 400 miles
18 – Georgia’s Dragon – The Suches Loop (Georgia), 42 miles
17 – Push Mountain Road (Arkansas), 25 miles
16 – The Walden Loop (Colorado), 220 miles
15 – Coronado Trail (Arizona), 118 miles
14 – The Triple Nickel – Route 555 (Ohio), 34 miles
13 – The Ohio Cousin of the “Tail of the Dragon” (Ohio), 12 miles
12 – The Hellbender 28 (North Carolina), 22 miles
11 – Pacific Coast Cruise; Hwy 1 (California), 127 miles
10 – Skyline Drive (Virginia), 105 miles
9 – Arkansas Pig Trail – Arkansas 23 (Arkansas), 19 miles
8 – Twisty Road – Route 36 (California), 140 miles
7 – Tunnel of Trees Road (Michigan), 22 miles
6 – San Juan Mountain Skyway (Colorado), 225 miles
5 – Beartooth Pass (Wyoming), 50 miles
4 – Blue Ridge Parkway (Virginia), 469 miles
3 – Cherohala Skyway (Tennessee to North Carolina), 45 miles
2 – Deal’s Gap, AKA “Tail of the Dragon” (Tennessee), 11 miles
1 – The Three Sisters, AKA the Twisted Sisters (Texas), 131 miles

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5 Car Cleaning Hacks to Rejuvenate Your Ride

It’s a shame how quickly that new car look fades. Sure, you want to keep your ride showroom-bright from tire to tire, but the thought of cleaning it yourself seems so time consuming – until now. We’re kicking off our car hacks series with 5 cleaning hacks to help you bring back the glisten without losing your weekend.

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