Teen Driving Tips for Parents


It’s common knowledge that teenagers are some of the riskiest drivers out on the road. If your child is new to the world of driving, you’re no stranger to the frequent stress that comes with worrying about how your teen is doing behind the wheel. Instead of letting the anxiety overpower you, try these 4 easy steps to positively impact the way your teen drives.

  • Be a teacher. Find teaching materials and resources that not only explain to your teen the rules of the road, but also show the teen the potential consequences of making poor decisions while driving.
  • Be an example. Your teenage driver is a sponge that is absorbing information and habits from watching what you do in the car. Make sure that you are above reproach when driving and take all traffic laws seriously.
  • Be an enforcer. Be sure to clearly explain the consequences to your teen should he/she not follow your driving rules. If your young driver breaks these rules, be sure to follow-through with these consequences.
  • Be a rewarder. Just as bad behavior is punished, good behavior should be rewarded. You can easily incentivize safe driving habits by rewarding adequately.

Remind your teenager that driving is a privilege and should be treated accordingly. By creating an environment in which your driver can learn appropriately, you can easily improve their driving and keep them safer on the road.

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