Termites Do-It-Yourself or Exterminator


What looks like a “line of mud” leading from the ground into your home or office-building’s outside foundation is actually the beginning of a termite infestation. Also soft, soggy and splintered areas of wood on the inside and out of a building are prime termite-real estate. Luckily, there are several inexpensive ways to banish these damaging insects without having to spend big dollars on an exterminator.

Table salt and a Turkey Baster

Luckily for most homeowners, a lethal termite substance is found in most kitchen cupboards. Table salt is poison to termites, so sprinkling it around your homes’ foundation is a natural deterrent. Also, mix the salt and water and fill a turkey baster (or a syringe) and inject the mixture into termite holes, hills, and wood you suspect is infested.

The Borac Acid barricade

Purchase Borac Acid from any hardware store (will be a white-powder substance) and sprinkle it around the foundation of your home or office building, while specifically targeting the holes in the wood that the “line of mud” leads to. This forces the termites to travel through the Borac Acid as they go in and out of the building. The termites will eventually die or move on to another acid-less location.

Vinegar and Lemon Juice

This bitter, acidic mixture is a natural termite detractor. Exterminators recommend using the juice from at least two lemons to go along with a healthy amount of vinegar. Mix the two in a spray bottle and spray the mixture onto any suspicious looking holes or termite mounds you may find. A healthy dose of this mixture should deter the bugs from the area.

While these do-it-yourself remedies have proven successful by many homeowners, a call to an exterminator is always recommended.  But for a solution in a pinch, and for great ways to shield your home or office from future termite attacks, try the above remedies!

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