The Deer Are Marching: What To Do If You Hit One


It’s that time of year when deer are moving about, and dusk and dawn visibility on the road is poor. It’s important to be especially vigilant on the roads to avoid collisions with animals on the road. But sometimes, a collision is unavoidable. When that happens, you need to know what to do.
Call the Police
Treat the accident like any other-and call the police to get a record of the accident, as well as secure the scene so that other drivers are not at risk.

Document the Scene
Take as many photos as you can of the entire scene. Fully document every angle of the accident. This will be extremely valuable when you’re talking with your insurance company.

Keep Clear of the Animal

If the animal is still alive, it could pose a risk to your safety or others. Even if the animal is not alive, it could be carrying illnesses that could affect you. Steer clear and let animal control handle the animal.

Contact Your Agent
This one is pretty obvious-contact your insurance agent. The quicker an incident is reported, the quicker the claim can be processed. You want to get things taken care of as quickly as possible, right?

Determine Whether Your Car Can be Driven
While damage can look superficial, sometimes it is still not safe to drive your vehicle. Check for fluid leaks, damage to your tires, a hood that won’t close, loose parts and broken lights. Also, consider your ability to drive after the accident. You may need to be seen by a paramedic before you assume you can get right back on the road.

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