Tips For A Cooler Car This Summer


Warmer temperatures are setting in and if you’re in a warmer climate – you may already be sick and tired of how hot it is outside. The only thing worse than the heat outside is the heat trapped inside of your car when you get into it. Sticky seats, scolding steering wheel, and beaming rays of light through the windows are all common symptoms of summertime heat.

Here are some tips that can help take the heat off of your car, literally.

  • If your state laws allow it, consider tinting your windows to keep your car from absorbing too much heat.
  • Purchase sun shades for your windshield when your car is parked. These shades will help your car cool down quicker once you start it.
  • When possible, park in the shade or in a garage.
  • Check your car’s air conditioning system and bring it into a mechanic if you feel that it is not operating correctly. You may need more refrigerant or a tune-up.
  • Once you start your car, open your windows while driving to help your AC push the existing hot air out of your car to make room for the cool air coming from your car’s air conditioner.
  • If you have any exposed metal or leather seats, place towels or gel covers on car seats to help protect your skin from the harsh heat.

Remember to keep animals and children out of parked cars.

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