Tips for Protecting Your Home Throughout the Summer

 Pool Safety
  • Should you have a pool, restrict access to the area with a gate that automatically locks.
  • For added protection, especially if there are young children at home, equip the gate with an alarm.
Fire Prevention
  • If your grill is near your home, it should be equipped with a shut-off device.
  • Never use chimineas or fire pits on decks, gazebos or covered patios.  They should be located at least 15 feet away from any structure.
  • General Home Maintenance
  • When cleaning gutters and roofs, remove debris and check for winter damage that should be repaired.
  • Make sure trees on your property are healthy to avoid toppling onto your home during high winds.
  • If you live in a wildfire-prone area, remove all dead materials from trees/bushes/landscaping to eliminate fuels in the event of a wildfire, and keep grass areas short.
  • Do not post your vacation location on social media, or post photos, until your return.
  • Should you be gone for an extended period of time, have a neighbor watch your home and forward your mal to the post office.
  • Place lights in the house on timers, to give the impression you are home.

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