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In every facet of life, there are Hipsters. A group of trendsetters in the know who are way ahead of the curve when it comes to what is cool. Living their life against the norm and as ironically as possible, Hipsters love things that general society either does not, has yet to discover or does not understand.

In the world of automobiles, this is just as true. See a Mercedes-Benz 300TD, Saab 900 or Volvo 240 GLT driving down the road and there’s a good chance the person behind the wheel is sporting a massive beard, trendy headgear and the latest in body piercings.

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Classic cars that were once deemed uncool are becoming the favorite of hipsters. Chevettes, 1970s land yachts and French cars have all found new life from the most unlikely of demographics. And before you think I’m on my high horse, I’m not about to sit here and pretend I’m not a fan of every car I’ve mention so far because, honestly, I am.

ut this got me thinking. What current cars will become the darlings of Hipsters in 20 years? What unloved cars today, will get a huge amount of unwarranted love in the future on the most ironic of levels? Here’s my guess at ten soon to be hipster favorites.

10. Lexus HS 250h

Hipsters are in touch with the earth and are environmentally responsible. So driving a hybrid vehicle makes total sense. But not just any old hybrid will do. A true Hipster needs to drive to drive a compact luxury hybrid that never found favor with, well, anyone really. Because, you know, it was misunderstood and way ahead of its time.

9. Subaru B9 Tribeca

Hipsters love obscurity and Subarus. This here is an ugly, obscure Subaru. Wearing a grille that never should have left the drawing board, the all-wheel drive seven-passenger Tribeca will be a perfect near-classic to take all the gang to whatever the equivalent of a local organic craft brewery will be in 20 years’ time.


8. Buick Lucerne

The Lucerne may be a less obvious choice, but this big, boring, bland car makes perfect sense. Large, seemingly unmemorable luxury American land-yachts from the late 1970s are suddenly in hot demand right now, for reasons not fully understood. The Lucerne is the closest thing we have had in the past few years to those American barges of yesteryear and would become an obvious choice for an ironic, boring automotive choice.

7. Acura RLX

Maybe the Hipster land yacht of the future doesn’t necessarily need to be American. The Acura RLX makes a strong case of an unloved, large, comfortable premium sedan that could become the darling of Hipsters in the future. They will love telling people what makes it different and better than a Honda Accord every chance they get.

6. Mitsubishi Mirage

Some of the least inspiring cars of the past 30 or so years have suddenly become favorites of Hipsters. Chevrolet Chevettes, Hyundai Ponys and Chrysler’s fleet of K-cars are in hot demand suddenly. So it seems fitting that the Mitsubishi Mirage should receive the same love and attention one day in the future. As basic as transportation gets in North America, the Mirage will be the poster vehicle for those exhibiting a no frills, frugal lifestyle.

5. Saturn LW300

Hipsters love obscure wagons, so the LW300 is a shoe-in as a future Hipster automobile since it was obscure even when new. Practical, conservative and fairly basic, the LW300 may be the new Volvo 240 GLT wagon of the future.

And bonus Hipster points are awarded to the LW300 for being from an automotive brand no longer in existence.

4. Suzuki Kizashi

As mentioned, French cars have gained big favor with Hipsters across America. Their rarity, unique engineering and unconventional styling are attractive qualities for those looking to separate themselves from the mainstream.

It may not be French, but this sounds a lot like the Suzuki Kizashi. Built in small numbers right before Suzuki ceased to sell vehicles in America, this obscure, yet well-built car is destined to become a choice of Hipsters. Plus, locating impossible to find replacement parts is a rewarding challenge all of its own; right?

3. Hummer H2

In recent memory, no other vehicle has drawn the same unfiltered hatred from environmental organizations than the H2. Defining American excess in an overgrown, four-wheel drive box, the Hummer H2 is perfect for Hipsters of the future. What more ironic automotive appliance will there be in a guaranteed greener future than a body-on-frame, V8 powered behemoth.

Real Hipsters will take things a step further and convert these monsters to electric power or some kind of bio-fuel.

2. Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

A large, pointless two-door convertible crossover has hipster written all over it. With no real purpose as a vehicle, the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet is an oddity among automotive oddities. This makes it the perfect candidate to be ironically cool in the near future. So if you see one of these babies collecting dust at your local Nissan dealer, grab it now. Some dude in a flannel shirt and three-foot beard will be offering you top dollar for it in 10 years.

1. Chevrolet Monte Carlo

No car in recent memory is a better symbol of god fearing, freedom loving Americana than the Chevrolet Monte Carlo. It was a favorite among a demographic as polar opposite to the Hipster as may be humanly possible. So this makes it the ultimate ironic motoring appliance to arrive at the free-range, kale candle making convention. Extra Hipster points of course will be awarded for one of the NASCAR livery edition Monte Carlos.

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