What Celebrities Insure

marilyn-monroe-woman-actress-pretty-53453When you think about what celebrities insure, you probably think about sports cars and mansions. But in reality, the insurance policies of the stars get much stranger than homes with extraordinarily high price tags. Some of these bizarre policies are purchased by the celebrities themselves to insure their most lucrative assets, while other policies are purchased by companies who profit from celebrity endorsements. Are you itching to hear about some of these insurance policies of the stars? Here are just a few that made us look twice.

  • David Beckham: This internationally recognized soccer player owns an insurance policy worth $195 million to protect his whole body from injury, illness and disfigurement. David Beckham is the highest paid soccer player in history between salary and endorsements, and this insurance policy protects him against the risk of no longer being able to play.cary-grant-rosalind-russell-ralph-bellamy-actor-53370
  • Mariah Carey: This pop star owns an insurance policy worth $1 billion to protect her legs. Mariah Carey bought this policy after signing an endorsement deal with Gillette and before heading off on a tour.
  • Jennifer Lopez: This singer/actress is well-known for her large derriere. Jennifer Lopez’s butt is so recognizably famous that she has it insured for $27 million.
  • Keith Richards: This rock star owns $1.6 million in coverage for his middle finger…just one finger! Guitarists don’t mess around with their ability to rock on.
  • Dolly Parton: This country singer has gone through great lengths to enhance her breasts, which she has insured for $3.8 million for the pair.
  • Heidi Klum: This supermodel started modeling for Epilady, after which Braun purchased a $1.6 million insurance policy on Heidi Klum’s legs. Even stranger, one of her legs is insured for $200,000 more than the other; the “cheaper” leg features a small scar.charlie-chaplin-actor-man-person-53408
  • America Ferrera: This actress captured Aquafresh’s attention with her pearly white teeth, causing the company to purchase a $10 million insurance policy on American Ferrera’s smile. However, this effort also helped raise money for a charity called Smiles for Success.
  • Troy Polamalu: This football player is known for his long, curly locks, for which Proctor & Gamble bought a $1 million insurance policy after Troy Polumalu signed an endorsement deal with Head and Shoulders shampoo. He hasn’t cut his hair in a whopping ten years!

Owning home, auto and life insurance may seem like a lot to you, but the popular multi-policy bundle is dwarfed when compared with the insurance policies of the stars.

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