What to do When you Get into a Crash Riding Your Bicycle


As many avid cyclists know, there are many dangers on the road. While you may be obeying the law of the road, it’s possible the drivers on the road aren’t. If you are involved in a crash with a vehicle on the road, you will want to make sure you take care of things correctly. There are five important things you need to focus on after a crash.

  1. Get Checked Out. You need to make sure that you have not suffered any injuries by seeing a doctor. In addition to making sure you’re okay, this also makes sue you have the proper documentation should you need to pursue any legal formalities.
  2. Document the Scene. Take pictures of everything at the scene, especially of yourself, your bike and all damaged property. Also make sure to take down the names and contact information of any possible witnesses, the driver and any passengers.
  3. Call Your Insurance Company. Your car insurance may help cover your injuries from the crash, especially if the driver flees the scene, which is common in collisions between cars and bicycles.
  4. Watch What You Say. Just as in an accident when you are driving, you don’t want to make any statements that can be used against you later. Stick to exchanging information and documenting the scene. Avoid arguing with others or talking about the circumstances of the crash with others.
  5. Speak With an Attorney. You can never assume that you won’t be sued after a crash. If you have suffered injury from the crash, you may have a case. Consulting with an attorney will allow you to find out if you have a good case.

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