Wireless Security Perfect For Rentals


Traditionally, it’s been difficult to get a security system installed in a rental. Often, landlords don’t want their walls drilled or cords hanging. As a result, tenants have often been reluctant to invest in home security systems, which can leave renters without protection.

You deserve to have a home security system that works for you. Fortunately, there are now many options for home security that don’t require your landlord’s approval.

Focus on Video
Forget traditional security systems, you want a security system that has at least one high resolution camera. Think of the simplicity-point it at an entry point, capture all activity. Some high quality versions even feature facial recognition. They recognize you but send out alerts when unfamiliar faces appear. Not only is that handy, it’s better than false alarms when you take too long to turn off the alarm system.

You can add wireless sensors throughout your home to catch any spikes in activity. Even more convenient, you can use sensors with cameras, so you can know who is in your kitchen when no one’s supposed to be home.

Make Some Noise
These days, everything gets improved. You remember the classic security system- what was the most annoying feature? It made too much noise. Sure noise can be useful, but when you’re looking at a false alarm, it can also make you enemies on the block. You can set up new alarm systems to ask for permission to screech. Alerts go to your phone or even to the police. Organized chaos.

We’ve all seen the smart home idea: connect everything in your house to everything else in your house and control it all from your smart phone. Turn on lights, turn off the oven, and even lock the doors from your phone. Well, now you can make at least part of that dream a reality with systems that include control over the lighting in your home. A few clicks on your smartphone and your place gets lit up like someone just got home. Easy way to discourage thieves. And a fun way to scare your kids.

Go wireless 
You’ll never go back. Wireless security systems don’t require any drilling or cords. Even better, they usually come with smartphone apps that allow you to monitor activity on the go. Wireless systems can have all of the features mentioned above and all without the stress of convincing your landlord to let you damage their walls.

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